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Queensland Postage Stamp Numeral Catalog

This is a Queensland postage stamp numeral cancellations catalog. All stamps are from my own collection unless stated otherwise and are not for sale.

This catalog is being continuously updated as new material comes to hand. If you have any examples to add, please contact me on the email address below. 

The three types of numeral cancellers are Rays (9 types), Bars (two types, with 2a having 9 bars with the middle three interrupted and 2b having 10 bars with the middle 4 interrupted), and Duplexes which were issued to some of the larger post offices. 

There are also rectangular and type 2b barred numeral railway station cancellers issued to railway stations that were occasionally used on Sideface Queensland postage stamps.

These numerals occur on Chalons (1860-80), Sidefaces (1879-1912), Large Chalons (1882-95 & 1907-11), Commonwealth (Kangaroo and King George V from 1912-14) issues as well as fiscal (revenue) stamps (authorised for postal issues from 1880-92 and also seen outside these dates and which were no doubt of a philatelic nature). 

There were also New South Wales stamps used before Queensland came into existence and which were cancelled using New South Wales numeral cancellers from 1850 to 1860.

Forgeries are also known and are listed separately. No rarity ratings are given as I don't want to encourage any modern day forgers.

The rarity ratings range from common, meaning that there are over 80 extant examples, to 5R, where only one or two examples have been seen, and NNS (Number not seen) where the numeral is known or presumed to exist but has yet to be sighted.

The coverage of this catalog for individual numerals is comprehensive in parts and selective in others. All 4R and 5R cancels seen by me are included in order to have a visual catalog of all known examples. For other rarity ratings a selection of material is shown that best illustrate each of the numeral cancellations. When it comes to postal history material, all items for all rarity ratings are included except for common and scarce, where representative selections are shown.

price list for these cancellations is available as a guide to estimating the value of the numeral cancellations both on stamps and on cover.

Use the pages (at the top), labels or search function (on the right hand side) to find the information you are seeking. You can contact me on

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