Thursday, October 3, 2013

175 - West Milton

West Milton post office, 4 km south west of the Brisbane general post office, opened on 17 August 1873 and closed on 12 June 1875 when the Toowong railway station and post office was opened at the same location
  • Chalon Ray Type e (6 mm) is rated 5R

Re Allocation:

Unknown post office
  • Sideface Ray Type 1e (6 mm) is rated 5R

West Milton Chalon

West Milton post office Chalon Ray Type 1e (6 mm) rated 5R. Seen in Manning, p. 77

Unknown post office Sideface

Unknown post office Sideface Ray Type 1e (6 mm) rated 5R. Seen at Abacus auction no 234

Forgery seen on Ebay

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